Zhanzhuang: Deep Qigong in the Form of Standing Meditation

The Universal Post is an ancient form of martial arts that allows you to develop power from within.  This practice is simple, ideal for accompanying your Tai Chi practice, but it is not easy to do at first.  You will experience the beginnings of the benefits not long after you begin to practice it diligently and the benefits will deepen and further arise as you practice it for decades.

It is likely to be one of the deepest and most beneficial practices available to you.  The reason that more Taichi practitioners don’t do it is that it requires patience.

“You must have a will of ironMaster Kuo Lien Ying Practicing Universal Post

The principle of this is to strengthen

To go for happiness and health

Your body will benefit from this

This has been handed down from the ancients

This form of  exercise can help you without limits.”

-Excerpt from The Ancient Poem of the Universal Post, Translated by Guttman.

Click here to read the entire poem and learn more about this important element of Tai Chi practice.