Taichi Group Class Structure

Class is structured so that each individual receives personalized guidance and instruction.  While classes may seem unstructured or informal at first, within the friendly and permissive atmosphere is a traditional format that encourages self-reliant, intrinsic discovery.  Click here for answers to frequently asked questions about taichi.

Guang Ping Taijiquan in White Sands, New MexicoIn each class you should expect to:

  • engage a routine of stretching, meditating and conditioning exercises in the presence of friendly classmates following the same routine
  • receive a personalized private lesson in various elements of the practice
  • spend a portion of the class working on your own to memorize, understand and develop the movements you’ve been shown
Group Taichi practice consists of the following, in this approximate order:
  • gentle warm-up exercises (circles, Eight Brocades, etc.)
  • standing qigong (Three Treasures)
  • moving qigong
  • long-life stretch
  • Shaolin-based strengthening/agility drills that vary depending on age and condition of student
  • Classical or simplified Taijiquan
  • Universal Post
Click here to contact Michael regarding further details for Tai Chi class in Austin.  You can also call him at 512-791-3296.