Breathing in Taijiquan is Natural and UnrestrictedSlow, Gentle, Easy Taichi Breathing

In taichi, especially at the beginning, the breath is simply allowed to happen.  The tongue is connected to the roof of the mouth and the breath is in the belly that rises and falls like a gentle tide with each inhalation and exhalation.

There are various practices from yoga to weightlifting to boxing that specify that you inhale here and exhale there, or time your breathing to your movements.  In practicing taichi, you will find that your breath and your movement will naturally align. It is something that happens quite easily and naturally over time.  You learn the movements, practice them while staying mindful of the basic taichi principles, and your breath will naturally soften, deepen and align with your movements. Be unconcerned about whether your breathing has natrually changed to match the pace of your movements, or the pace of your movements has changed to follow your breathing.

Gentle attention to your breath naturally causes your breath to change.  A good meditation is to focus on your breath and allow the changes that naturally occur without trying to change it in one way or another.  When you practice taichi, your breath is something that you are aware of without focusing attention on it directly, as your eyes looking far and wide bring your attention outward.

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