Guidelines for Benefiting from Taichi Practice

  • Avoid jealousy when it comes to the progress of other taichi students.  It is a very happy thing to see another person practicing well and improving.
  • Approach this as a new practice with an empty cup and open mind.  Students with vast experience, skill or insight in other arts are more likely to learn this art well when they’ve made the decision to approach this art with a beginner’s mind.
  • Take full responsibility for pushing yourself the right amount.  Some discomfort needs to be pushed through, and other discomfort is a signal that you need to make an adjustment.  Become skilled at discerning the two, and take ultimate responsibility for the results of your training decisions.
  • Take full responsibility to avoid injury to yourself or to other students.
  • Win by losing.  Not knowing, not having, not being able and not understanding are favorable states of transition.
  • Become familiar with the wealth of essential information on Shifu Dan Harrington’s website.
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