Articles About Taichi Practice

Essential Reading for Taichi Students:

Guidelines for Proper Training in Guang-Ping Taichichuan

The Most Basic Principles of Taichi Practice

Common Taichi Mistakes to Avoid

The Keys to Achieving Success with Taichi Practice

Brief Histories of Internal Martial Arts as They Relate to Guangping Yang Taijiquan

Frequently Asked Questions About Taichichuan

Additional Resources for Students of Taichi and Qigong:

Combat-oriented Taijiquan

Healing Benefits of Taichi and Qigong

Long-Life Stretch: the Traditional Prerequisite to Taichi

Zhuan Zhuang as an Essential Element of Taichi Practice

How a Taijiquan Student can Get the Most out of a Visit to China

Natural Tai Chi Chuan Breathing

A Clear Explanation of the Relationship Between Qigong and Taichi

Guide to Determining if Taichi is the Practice for You

Glossary of Taichi-Related Terms Used in This Site

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